Simple E-commerce CMS

Website for showing fullstack skills.

It was started as a school project. We studied agile development and we were in a need of team project. Slack was used for team talk. We chose e-shop as the project. I decided to take an interesting approach since I want to push my limits harder in terms of development.

The technical part was up to me and I decided to write it from the scratch using HTML, CSS, JS (TypeScript ES6, jQuery, AJAX), PHP and MySQL. The website is coded from a Figma mockup file (linked below). Enhanced with a cool set of prototypes. This particular website will never have functionality with products like these. Preferred platforms to use are Opencart, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify and so on.


  • Can filter products.
  • Search products by name.
  • Adding products to favorites.
  • Add products to the shopping cart.
  • Login admin account to add products or edit them


I’m going to finish it one day and give it the same functionality as Woocommerce. Next implementation will be functionality to print an invoice of the chosen products. Once the code is clean enough, it will be added to my Github.


Figma file first revision (made by Kristina):

Project presentation:

  • Category : Branding / Development / Graphic design / Web Design
  • Date : March 7, 2019
  • Client : Myself
  • Address :
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